R3DM = 3R + 3DM

Right Information to
Right People at the
Right Time

Data Driven Decision Making

What do we do?

R3DM helps organizations, businesses and especially, startups on their technology problems. We have expertise and have access to experts who helps to deliver end to end solutions from the website development to customize solution development to provide help on various next gen technologies. We are not a Service company rather we are a technology company who helps to create IP, intellectual properties.






Our business model works based on the solutions. We brainstorm ideas, projects and customer needs then provide a fixed price to implement their ideas. Execution is the key and many companies, individuals lacks in the execution and that’s where we come in.

Create IP

Your idea, your IP and our execution. We all win and we are picky in choosing the projects so make sure that you provide us enough information while sending a message.



Web development

Do you know one of the first steps as soon as an idea is born? It’s a website which involved finding and registering a domain name and then get the website up and running. You write the content and we develop the site for you. Our developers are highly experienced and creative to materialize your vision.

Mobile app development

Smartphones are in everyone’s hand and having no app or a website which is no compatible with the smartphone can hurt your business and that’s we trained our developers to develop mobile friendly sites as soon as the desktop version gets ready. We don’t stop there because many times, all there is a landing page which takes you to download an app.

Data Solutions

Data is a powerful instrument as long as we know the way to get the accurate information at the right time. Our extensive knowledge on databases, big data and other data storage and data processing mechanisms helps our customers and enables them to elevate their conversations with their business users and customers.

Cloud Solutions

The time to market is one of the most important desire or requirement and to be honest, if there is no cloud option then it won’t possible to deploy any application in a few minutes. Our experience on AWS, Azure, GCP, private and hybrid cloud enables our customers to take off fast to execute their ideas.


Artificial Intelligence is one of hottest marketing buzzword. We are fortunate enough to have access to some really amazing data scientist who are part of our advisory board and helps on leading thought leadership workshops, putting COE together and when time arrives then participate in business use case discussions.


Our partner ecosystem helps us to help businesses on their Blockchain use cases. We have experience on Hyperledger, Ethereum and other open source blockchain technologies like stellar, neo, hashgraph, graphene and many more.